Reducing Breast Cancer Risk

Reducing Breast Cancer Risk

Okay, ladies, this one’s for you. Today we’re talking about breast health, and what you can do to reduce your risk of breast cancer through every stage of life. (swoosh) First, for young women, avoid excess alcohol consumption and smoking. – Those both contribute to breast cancer long down the road. It’s important to avoid things like binge drinking. It can not only increase the estrogen levels in the body, but it also provides additional toxins to the breast tissue.

And the breast tissue is much more sensitive at that age. – Dr. Memmel recommends once women reach their 30’s they should make sure they’re aware of their family history. – Important to know your family history so that you should know if you should undergo genetic testing, and therefore, start screening earlier than 40. Starting mammograms earlier typically means starting about ten years before the youngest member of your family was diagnosed with breast cancer. (hopeful music) – Third, once you reach middle age, begin getting yearly mammograms. – Start your mammograms at age 40, unless you’ve got a family history of breast cancer at an early age.

Get your mammograms once a year, and also consider additional screening options if you have a family history, or very dense breast tissue. – And finally, for post-menopausal women, focusing on promoting a healthy lifestyle is key. – It’s important to remember that exercise, diet, and remaining a healthy weight are the most important things to reducing your risk for breast cancer. One of the simplest factors is that fat cells make estrogen, and estrogen is one of the contributors to breast cancer. (uplifting music) – And there you have it, some great tips on how women can reduce their risk of breast cancer throughout life.

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