We Hit our Goal! $50,000 in new Research Funding for Kidney Cancer

We Hit our Goal! $50,000 in new Research Funding for Kidney Cancer


Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors from around the world, we reached our goal of raising $50,000 for kidney cancer research funding during the month of July!

Each year, we host our annual No Tie July event to raise enough money to fund one year of high-impact research to find a cure for kidney cancer.

Why do we do it?  This year, 60,000 Americans will be diagnosed with kidney cancer.  More than 14,000 people will die of the disease.  Kidney cancer is the deadliest urological malignancy.

And yet? Kidney Cancer research is still drastically underfunded.

Similar diseases like melanoma and bladder cancer have privately-funded research grants that help to drive important new developments toward cures and incentivize young researchers to enter their respective fields.

KCCure is on a mission to change that paradigm and provide the same type of funding for kidney cancer – and your generosity is why we’re succeeding!

The KCCure Research Grant Program is the first ever privately funded, peer reviewed research grant program for kidney cancer.  Our first grant was awarded to Dr. Wayne Marasco at Dana Farber for his work in CAR T-Cell Therapy for Kidney Cancer.

Because of your generosity, we’ll be awarding even more funding for kidney cancer research this year!

Of course – that’s the long answer for why we do it.  If you want the short answer, just ask Randy.  He’s a stage 4 kidney cancer survivor.

For Randy and the thousands of kidney cancer patients who live each day in hope of a cure for this disease – THANK YOU!

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